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19-01PV-01Global Equipment Company Inc.Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesGlobal Industrial is working with manufacturers to fill orders on COVID-19 and related products but that supply is still spotty on a large number of items. In an effort to save time, Global Industrial has been drop shipping these items directly from the manufacturer to the end-user rather than replenishing in-house stock.

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19-01PV-04Network Services Company (Formerly Strategic Market Alliance)Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesNETWORK Coronavirus ResponseKit
NETWORK Coronavirus Continuing Response
NETWORK New Norm Product Checklist Janitorial
NETWORK New Normal Public Sector FINAL
NETWORK New Normal Schools Higher Education
NETWORK New Normal Schools K-12
Glove Market Summary final
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19-01PV-06WAXIE Sanitary SupplyJanitorial Supplies, Equipment and

Product Availability:

  • WAXIE Sanitary Supply has a strategic partnership with both domestic manufactures and global manufactures related to products that have been in high demand since the initial COVID-19 discovery in China.

  • Recent demand continues to increase for key items as compared to historical demand. Most manufactures are adopting an allocation approach in order to protect current customers while avoiding selling to speculative customers by only allocating product to existing customer based upon historical demand plus an increase.

  • The good news is that WAXIE has a strong partnership with our manufactures and WAXIE can obtain product based upon past demand while also seeking additional inventory on a case by case situation. Due to allocation, WAXIE in most cases will not be always be able to support large demands for items where demand did not exist previously.

  • WAXIE’s Procurement Team is working directly with our manufacturer representatives to seek support for critical customers such as Hospitals, first responders, and state/local agencies.

  • WAXIE has also decided to place our own customers on allocation thus only allocating key products to customers that meet the definition of “critical customers.”

  • Ultimately, demand has increased both globally and domestically and the industry/manufactures are facing two challenges; spikes in demand vs. manufacturing production capability and Supply Chain issues related to China.

  • WAXIE will still be able to provide support to our critical customers, but orders that demonstrate larger than normal consumption will require additional time to fulfill and in some cases, the order might be shipped over weeks depending on the size of the order since demand is outpacing production.

WAXIE Coronavirus Prevention Guide
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19-01PV-01Global Equipment Company Inc.Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesGlobal Industrial regularly stocks and sells the following types of COVID items that we will make available to our valued 1GPA members:

-Masks, disposable and reusable
-Hand sanitizer and dispensers
-Sanitizing wipes
-Disinfectants and application devises
-Clear and solid partitions
-Face shields

In the current market, inventory levels and costs have been very fluid so we suggest contacting your Global representative to get a competitive quote based on current market conditions.
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