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16-11PV-02CamNet, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-03DecisionEd Group, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-06EAR Professional Audio VisualTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsWe remain open for our normal business hours at this time and able to provide on-site services under the following conditions.

1a. If building is occupied, workspace will be marked as off-limits for the duration of our work
1b. On site personnel must remain minimum of 8ft distance

2a. Workspace must be kept vacant a minimum of 3 hours prior to our arrival
2b. Our employees will be using N95 qualified masks, safety glasses and latex gloves
3a. Client must allow us to apply disinfectants to the workspace areas we will be touching
3b. Disinfectants include: diluted (1000+ ppm) disinfecting solution bleach spray or 75% alcohol sanitizer
4a. When possible and helpful, a secure temporary high-speed network will be provided for off-site remote work*

*In appropriate cases we setup a temporary high-speed network using multiple 4G carriers so our engineers and programmers can work off-premise.

Resources EAR can help provide 1GPA members to manage the special circumstances related to Covid-19.

- Interface existing or new AV meetings spaces with Zoom, MicroSoft Teams, Cisco Skype and most collaboration platforms

- High speed remote access to virtual computer environment

- Onsite services with CDC compliant protective gear and procedures

- Mission critical broadcast communication products

- Remote Audio and Video connectivity using the 4G phone network (helpful in remote or bandwidth limited locations)

- Remote control of AV devices (off premise and relocated workspaces)

- Online store featuring 1,000s of 1GPA product for pickup curbside or delivery (requires some discussion)

- Products for digital content creation and streaming/websites

- Distance learning capture, management and delivery

- Media management for existing or new content (includes Zoom sessions and much more)
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16-11PV-08Gaggle.Net, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-09Hye Tech Network & Security Solutions, LLC. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsDuring the COVID-19 crisis, HyeTech has been focused on getting our clients where they need to be, online and TeleWorking. Our solutions/services team consists of specialists in the three critical foundations for TeleWork: Communication (voice communication and tele-conferencing); Capacity (internet bandwidth, cloud and storage) and Security (remote access and on premise controls). Our team of professionals are focused on customized solution(s) for individual client(s) while accounting for scale and value.View Contract
16-11PV-10ImmediaTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-11Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsAudio Interfaces
Face Mask Brief
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16-11PV-12Logicalis, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsLogicalis wants to help your organization during this uncertain time. We have resources to help you deploy remote workers, maintain security, return to school / workplaces safely, and provide supplemental IT staff support.
See COVID-19 Resources & Solutions
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16-11PV-13ManCom Inc.Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsWe are currently providing voice communications support that will enable the user to work from home.View Contract
16-11PV-14NeedTheseTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-05NTT America Solutions, Inc. (Formerly Dimension Data North America)Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-15Presidio Networked Solutions Group, LLCTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-16Sharp Business SystemsTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-17Troxell Communications, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-18VLCMTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract