Thank you for your interest in 1GPA!

To become an awarded Vendor, you must respond to one of our solicitations in a category that encompasses the goods, products, equipment and/or services that your company provides. Vendors cannot just join, they must following the competitive solicitation process which starts with responding to a 1GPA solicitation. 1GPA contracts encompass a variety of contracts, all of which have been competitively solicited, evaluated and awarded by a lead governmental entity. These end resulting contracts are made available for the exclusive use of our members. Our members consist of K12 School Districts, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Higher Education, State and Local Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations & Native American Communities.

Vendors interested in 1GPA should regularly check the 1GPA Current Solicitations Page and be sure that you have properly registered with Public Purchase. Please register directly with Public Purchase to receive notification of our solicitations. As a registered vendor, you will receive email notification of future proposal opportunities for the commodity categories selected in your registration. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Director of Operations, Christy Knorr at [email protected].

Public Purchase Vendor Registration