To our 1GPA Family,

We want to first and foremost, express our concern for everyone who is personally affected by COVID-19. We know that right now is a time of uncertainty for many of you but know this, we WILL get through it together.

We have awarded vendors on contract that are standing by and ready to assist you with your needs. Whether it be Janitorial Supplies, Custodial Services, Technology, Office Supplies, Tutoring or Mentoring, we have a solution. Our vendors are working hard to increase production to restore normal availability of high demand items. In an effort to save time, some are even drop shipping items directly from the manufacturer to the end-user.

With more and more of us working from home, there has been a rise in the purchase of computer equipment to supply personnel in their new home offices. We encourage you to plan ahead and get the necessary equipment ordered before there becomes a delay due to a shortage in production.

In addition, we do have Tutoring, Mentoring and Teaching Services Vendors on contract that will be able to assist you by offering an online learning platform.

If you have a need that is not currently filled by any of our contracts, please let us know and we will work to see how we can be of help.

Lastly, we wanted to express how extremely grateful we are to our medical personnel, first responders and all others who are working hard to get us through this time.

We’re here for you and our team is standing by, ready to serve and support you.

Thank you,

Your 1GPA Team.


Contract #Vendor NameCommodityAdditional InformationView Contract
19-01PV-01Global Equipment Company Inc.Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesGlobal Industrial is working with manufacturers to fill orders on COVID-19 and related products but that supply is still spotty on a large number of items. In an effort to save time, Global Industrial has been drop shipping these items directly from the manufacturer to the end-user rather than replenishing in-house stock.

See COVID-19 Products & Resources
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19-01PV-02Hillyard, Inc.Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesView Contract
19-01PV-04Network Services Company (Formerly Strategic Market Alliance)Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesNETWORK Coronavirus ResponseKit
NETWORK Coronavirus Continuing Response
NETWORK New Norm Product Checklist Janitorial
NETWORK New Normal Public Sector FINAL
NETWORK New Normal Schools Higher Education
NETWORK New Normal Schools K-12
Glove Market Summary final
View Contract
19-01PV-03Office Depot, Inc.Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesView Contract
19-01PV-05Veritiv Operating CompanyJanitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesView Contract
19-01PV-06WAXIE Sanitary SupplyJanitorial Supplies, Equipment and

Product Availability:

  • WAXIE Sanitary Supply has a strategic partnership with both domestic manufactures and global manufactures related to products that have been in high demand since the initial COVID-19 discovery in China.
  • Recent demand continues to increase for key items as compared to historical demand. Most manufactures are adopting an allocation approach in order to protect current customers while avoiding selling to speculative customers by only allocating product to existing customer based upon historical demand plus an increase.
  • The good news is that WAXIE has a strong partnership with our manufactures and WAXIE can obtain product based upon past demand while also seeking additional inventory on a case by case situation. Due to allocation, WAXIE in most cases will not be always be able to support large demands for items where demand did not exist previously.
  • WAXIE’s Procurement Team is working directly with our manufacturer representatives to seek support for critical customers such as Hospitals, first responders, and state/local agencies.
  • WAXIE has also decided to place our own customers on allocation thus only allocating key products to customers that meet the definition of “critical customers.”
  • Ultimately, demand has increased both globally and domestically and the industry/manufactures are facing two challenges; spikes in demand vs. manufacturing production capability and Supply Chain issues related to China.
  • WAXIE will still be able to provide support to our critical customers, but orders that demonstrate larger than normal consumption will require additional time to fulfill and in some cases, the order might be shipped over weeks depending on the size of the order since demand is outpacing production.

WAXIE Coronavirus Prevention Guide
View Contract
16-11PV-02CamNet, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-03DecisionEd Group, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-06EAR Professional Audio VisualTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsWe remain open for our normal business hours at this time and able to provide on-site services under the following conditions.

1a. If building is occupied, workspace will be marked as off-limits for the duration of our work
1b. On site personnel must remain minimum of 8ft distance

2a. Workspace must be kept vacant a minimum of 3 hours prior to our arrival
2b. Our employees will be using N95 qualified masks, safety glasses and latex gloves
3a. Client must allow us to apply disinfectants to the workspace areas we will be touching
3b. Disinfectants include: diluted (1000+ ppm) disinfecting solution bleach spray or 75% alcohol sanitizer
4a. When possible and helpful, a secure temporary high-speed network will be provided for off-site remote work*

*In appropriate cases we setup a temporary high-speed network using multiple 4G carriers so our engineers and programmers can work off-premise.

Resources EAR can help provide 1GPA members to manage the special circumstances related to Covid-19.

- Interface existing or new AV meetings spaces with Zoom, MicroSoft Teams, Cisco Skype and most collaboration platforms

- High speed remote access to virtual computer environment

- Onsite services with CDC compliant protective gear and procedures

- Mission critical broadcast communication products

- Remote Audio and Video connectivity using the 4G phone network (helpful in remote or bandwidth limited locations)

- Remote control of AV devices (off premise and relocated workspaces)

- Online store featuring 1,000s of 1GPA product for pickup curbside or delivery (requires some discussion)

- Products for digital content creation and streaming/websites

- Distance learning capture, management and delivery

- Media management for existing or new content (includes Zoom sessions and much more)
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16-11PV-08Gaggle.Net, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-09Hye Tech Network & Security Solutions, LLC. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsDuring the COVID-19 crisis, HyeTech has been focused on getting our clients where they need to be, online and TeleWorking. Our solutions/services team consists of specialists in the three critical foundations for TeleWork: Communication (voice communication and tele-conferencing); Capacity (internet bandwidth, cloud and storage) and Security (remote access and on premise controls). Our team of professionals are focused on customized solution(s) for individual client(s) while accounting for scale and value.View Contract
16-11PV-10ImmediaTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-11Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsAudio Interfaces
Face Mask Brief
View Contract
16-11PV-12Logicalis, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsLogicalis wants to help your organization during this uncertain time. We have resources to help you deploy remote workers, maintain security, return to school / workplaces safely, and provide supplemental IT staff support.
See COVID-19 Resources & Solutions
View Contract
16-11PV-13ManCom Inc.Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsWe are currently providing voice communications support that will enable the user to work from home.View Contract
16-11PV-14NeedTheseTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-05NTT America Solutions, Inc. (Formerly Dimension Data North America)Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-15Presidio Networked Solutions Group, LLCTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-16Sharp Business SystemsTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-17Troxell Communications, Inc. Technology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
16-11PV-18VLCMTechnology and Audio Visual SolutionsView Contract
19-11P-03Edblox, Inc. (Elevate K-12)Tutoring, Mentoring, and Teaching ServicesView Contract
19-11P-05Studentnest, Inc.Tutoring, Mentoring, and Teaching ServicesWe offer an online learning platform. Please contact us for details.

Supplemental Online Academic Enrichment Learning Opportunities

Studentnest, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “SN”) is pleased to submit a proposal to offer Supplemental Online Academic Enrichment Learning Opportunities in light of COVID-19 crisis to reduce risk of exposure of students as well as educators. SN proposes to offer online/digital instructional services through its dedicated program called Nesting Success which is high quality and specifically designed to provide personalized learning opportunities for students at juvenile halls, detention camps, county community schools, and group homes. We deliver robust engagement anchored in positive youth development. We focus on continuous improvement using school and student data to tailor programming and instruction focused on results relating to attendance, proficiency graduation, and college and career readiness.

SN has over 16 years’ experience in providing services to a multitude of entities, which include counties, cities, school districts, and individual schools. Since its formation in 2004, we have served over 65,000 individuals from 2,100+ schools with more than 2.5 Million Hours of educational services, over 90 Million Minutes and have completed over 250,000 assessments. We have expanded our service reach across the U.S. to School Districts, State Boards of Education & other organizations in California, Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

SN's mission is to help our students build a nest of educational success to secure a soaring future. We believe that all students have the capability to excel if they are provided with high-quality instruction directed by skilled and caring educators. With this goal in mind, SN works diligently to provide low-cost, high-quality intervention, prevention, mentoring and other services to students at juvenile halls, detention camps, county community schools, and group homes. Curriculum (aligned to the State Standards) and Assessments (pre, mid and post) are the backbone of our Title I programs and services. Nesting Success is based on extensive review of published national standards, studies, codes, state standards and internal analysis.

Programs Offered:  Below is a complete list of programs that will be available for your entity.
  • Tutoring (Math/English/Reading/Science)
  • College Readiness
  • Career Readiness
  • Mentoring
  • Character Education/ Social Skills
  • Computer Literacy (Word/Excel)
  • Adaptive Learning AI - LOTUS
  • Data Entry
  • Keyboarding
  • Digital Audio Workstation (Music)
  • Robotics

Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or cell (916) 505-3508.
View Contract
19-08PV-01Epic Business EssentialsOffice and School SuppliesEPIC Business Essentials can provide the office, janitorial, furniture and school supply items you need, via local independent dealers that are right in your community. They have created a special item request page, 800 number and email inbox to deal with 1GPA agency needs throughout the COVID-19 crisis. EPIC has dedicated staff members for this initiative, so agencies will get an immediate response to calls and emails, within one hour at the latest. EPIC has customized solutions to the special item needs of public sector agencies such as masks, gloves, sanitizers, work from home items and more.

Many of our dealerships source, manufacture and stock large quantities of items in their own warehouses. We have created a special portal for 1GPA agencies to place requests for items that they need:

In addition, we have dedicated methods of contact:
(800) 231-9848
[email protected]
View Contract
19-08PV-02Office Depot, Inc.Office and School SuppliesView Contract
19-08PV-03Quill LLCOffice and School SuppliesCOVID-19 Communication Work from Home EssentialsView Contract
19-08PV-04Wist Business Supplies & EquipmentOffice and School SuppliesItems in DemandView Contract
18-19PV-04Wholesale Floors, LLCFlooringCOVID-19 Disinfectant
With the rapidly changing landscape that has been created by COVID-19, Wholesale Floors has expanded our maintenance division to include disinfecting. We anticipate this to become a routine maintenance item moving forward, and are happy to offer a product with the following benefits and capabilities:
  • An EPA registered hospital disinfectant for use against Human Coronavirus and SARS
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria including E coli, Salmonella and Listeria in les than 60 seconds
  • Kills moldand mildew for up to 7 months
  • Used to kill Anthrax in 2001
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Low toxicity, odorless, non-irritating to skin, requires no rinsing, no exposure warnings, no protective equipment required for application and is non-corrosive
  • Can be used on food preparation surfaces with no alteration to the taste of food
  • Eliminates odors and allergens
  • No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Safe to the touch immediately after application (for best results wait 30 minutes)
  • 5.000-7000 square foot application per hour

COVID-19 has effectively changed the way we all do business and the precautions needed to secure the safety of our employees and clients. We are to offer you a sense of security.
Please contact us for more information and/or a site-specific quote.
View Contract
19-02PV-07K-Log, Inc.Furniture Products and ServicesClear Acrylic Desktop PartitionsView Contract
19-10P-05TDIndustries, Inc.Food Service Equipment, Supplies and Repair ServicesTDIndustries has been diligently working to assess and determine the best practices to ensure a safe and healthy environment for building occupants. Our comprehensive
maintenance programs provide industry leading solutions in a rapidly changing world by:
  • Retrofitting to a touch-free environment
  • Evaluating filtration and humidification options in HVAC systems
  • Making improvements to plumbing
  • Adjusting building automation systems for improved airflow

Strategies to Reduce COVID-19 Exposure in Facilities
TDIndustries COVID-19 Protocols
View Contract
20-03PDominion Environmental ConsultantsEnvironmental ConsultantIn response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Dominion Environmental Consultants (Dominion) has expanded our services to include COVID-19 training, prevention and response planning, and oversight. Rest assured that our team is closely monitoring the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments. We have taken a proactive approach in protecting our team so that we can continue to help you protect yours as well. As a trusted business partner, with human health and safety at the forefront of everything we do, we are here to assist you.

Our team, including Ph.D. in Microbiology, Masters in Public Health, Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), and Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) have been working diligently to design a range of services aimed at helping our clients protect their staff and/or tenants during this pandemic.

Dominion is currently offering the following COVID-19 related-services:

  • COVID-19 General Training– Dominion will conduct a remote COVID-19 course covering general awareness, preventative measures, reactive cleaning & disinfection, protecting staff & occupants and available resources.
  • COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan– Dominion’s CIHs will provide a COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan with the appropriate procedures and recommendations to minimize the chance of occupants contracting the virus in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.The Plan will include procedures on cleaning procedures and methods, and personal protective equipment to be utilized during said cleaning with the intent of minimizing potential future exposure.
  • COVID-19 Oversight– Dominion’s professional industrial hygiene and safety staff are available to provide the following items, as needed:
  • On-going Consultation– Dominion’s staff including CIHs and company Principals are available to provide on-going consultation as necessary via phone or in person.
  • Risk Assessments- Dominion’s staff including CIHs and company Principals are available to assess each particular building, workplace, or construction site to develop a site specific risk assessment and protocols to follow.
  • Plan Updates– Dominion will monitor reported changes to CDC/ WHO response recommendations and update the Response Plan as necessary.
  • Third Party Response Procedure Oversight– Dominion will supply an Industrial Hygienist to oversee the implementation of the Plan in order to provide a third-party accounting of procedures followed, areas/ surfaces cleaned and documentation of the entire process.

If there is anything we can do to ease your business concerns during these difficult and somewhat uncertain times, please feel free to contact us. Our team has over 30 years’ experience navigating and mitigating unexpected events (such as flooding, fires, disasters, and pandemics) that may impact human health and safety. Stay safe and be well.
17-12P-02McKinstry Essention, LLC.Energy Performance ContractingMcKinstry engineers and technicians will perform an assessment that evaluates indoor air quality, ventilation, temperature, humidity, mechanical systems, and domestic water following CDC, ASHRAE and OSHA guidance to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria like SARS-COV-2 and legionella. Each assessment and action plan is tailored to your specific occupancy and operating requirements.

Return with Confidence
View Contract
20-03P-05Sevee & Maher Engineers, Inc.Environmental ConsultantSevee & Maher Engineers, Inc. (SME) is an accomplished team of experienced and driven professionals. Known for combining strong technical expertise in environmental consulting, industrial hygiene, hydrogeology and environmental, civil, wastewater, geotechnical, and chemical engineering with innovative technologies. Our friendly company culture, down-to-earth service and time-honored, proven engineering concepts, are applied creatively to your project by people honored to work on it with you.


Sevee & Maher Engineer’s (SME’s) team or scientists and engineers was quick to respond to our clients concerns and needs relating to COVID-19. SME has developed guidance, policies and procedures to assist our clients in responding effectively and safely to the current pandemic and have assisted numerous facilities in developing safe environments for reopening after periods of shutdown. SME has diagnostic tools and expertise (including the ability to test surfaces for COVID-19) to assist in reestablishing your place of business safely and with piece of mind.
View Contract
18-04P-07Play It Safe Playgrounds & Park Equipment, Inc.Playground SolutionsCOVID-19 is here and we are all dealing with it whether we want to or not. Fortunately, we have some options for keeping our playgrounds sanitized and clean for the kiddos!

Play It Safe Playgrounds takes our cleaning and sanitizing very seriously! We power wash everything with a high pressure foam-soap cleaner and then follow up with a safe chlorine-based sanitizing solution that is designed to kill bacteria, viruses and dangerous pathogens without leaving any harmful is safe for kids and equipment!

Play It Safe Playgrounds is offering reduced pricing for any schools or public parks that would like to ensure that their playgrounds stay clean and safe during this critical time. If you would like pricing and schedule availability please give us a call or send us an e-mail.
View Contract
18-06DP-18HumanWare USA IncInstructional Materials & SuppliesAt Human Ware USA Inc we have taken strict measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Most of our staff are working from home except our repair technicians and the personnel in our production department. Our Customer Service and Technical Support staff continue to receive telephone calls as well as emails and they have the necessary equipment to responds quickly to all customers.

Those employees who do work at the office must wear either a face mask or a full face shield. The employee work stations have been set up so that all employees keep a distance of 6ft apart. Each employee must use hand sanitizer before entering and leaving their work stations. Each work station must be disinfected after each work session.

Presently our sales staff and training personnel are not authorized to travel or to meet face to face with our customers. We are however providing live webinars that provide product demonstrations and product trainings. We are also participating in the various virtual conferences such as the ACB and NFB 2020 annual summer conferences. We are also registered to attend other conferences virtually until the end of this year.

It is Human Ware’s priority to make sure its employees and customers are kept safe.
View Contract
18-16PV-05Pueblo Mechanical & Controls, Inc.Job Order Contracting for Mechanical ServicesEnsuring effective an efficient HVAC equipment after downtown
Indoor Air Quality regarding Covid19
Global Plasma Solutions Technology Reduces Covid19 virus
View Contract
19-05P-02The Segal CompanyBroker/Consultant Services for Employee Health BenefitsSegal is engaging with clients on coronavirus-related project work and answering general high-level questions. We have expertise to assist clients with a variety of issues impacted by coronavirus including compliance questions, business continuity concerns, benefit administration and coverage, clinical issues, Medicare coverage, paid time-off rules and strategies, employee communications, among other areas.
We are continually updating the educational resources, including communication strategies and guidance on issues affecting group health plans, on the COVID-19 page of our SegalCo website. The newest content is highlighted on our main landing page with a dedicated Insights page for COVID-19 resources, including the following.

Compliance News:



Other Insights:


A recent webinar includes:

We recently conducted several webinars to discuss clients’ most urgent COVID-19 questions: The titles below include the hyperlinks to the archived materials:

  • “Addressing Health Benefit Compliance Issues Triggered by COVID-19” discusses the new coronavirus-related legislation and regulatory guidance, including potential subsidies for continuation of health coverage.
  • Our national compliance team led a CARES Act webinar “The COVID-19 Stimulus Package – What Might Be the Impact?” that reviewed the employee benefit and leave provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. The webinar not only explains these important provisions but also offers tips and insights aimed at helping employers and plan sponsors understand the practical and administrative impact of the new law.
  • “What to Say Right Now Aout Coronavirus” – In this hour-long webinar, we discuss how to communicate with your people about the coronavirus pandemic, how often to communicate and what you should be telling them right now. We answer questions and share best practices and overall messaging to help you guide your people through this crisis.
  • “Managing Your Operations During the COVID-19 Crisis" – In the face of COVID-19, your people have many concerns about what tomorrow will bring. You have similar concerns about your day-to-day operations, as well as how this virus will affect your company and how measures the country is taking will play out over the near future. In this webinar, our team of experts addresses the coronavirus challenge and suggests ways that employers and plan sponsors can move forward.
  • Key Workforce Strategies for Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis” about scenario based workforce planning presents several strategies for addressing workforce challenges associated with the financial impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.
View Contract
18-06DP-27McGraw-Hill School Education LLCInstructional Materials & SuppliesExplore our remote and distance learning websiteView Contract
20-01PV-04CCS Facility ServicesCustodial, Grounds and Maintenance ServicesReview of Biorisk Response Recovery Program
CCS COVID-19 Solutions
Forensic Restoration Technician Buffoni Don
View Contract
19-16PV-04DH Pace Company Inc.Building Management/Automation SystemsTemperature Monitoring Portals 1GPA
Turing Video Scanner Flyer 1GPA
View Contract
18-15PV-15Woodruff ConstructionJob Order Contracting - General ContractorsAny construction services – some of the items we have been providing that are COVID related include: sneeze guards, conversion to no-touch devices for plumbing, electrical, and doors. Supply and install of disinfectant stations, emergency power upgrades, HVAC upgrades ( including disinfectant UV lights). Walk-in cooler installations. Supply and install of wash fountains.
View Contract
18-21P-06Emc2 Architects Planners PCArchitectural Services1. Assessment and renovation of existing learning, support and administrative spaces to accommodate social distancing, distance learning technoogy, flexible classroom size and configuration.

2. Renovation of existing room finishes to enable sanitation through washable surfaces, biocidal finishes and hands-free products.

3. Assessment of existing HVAC systems for potential modifications or enhancement measures to help limit airborne pathogens (such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus) within buildings or areas of buildings.

4. Application of design solutions using various air filtration / treatment products , humidification products, and lighting products to help limit airborne pathogens (such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus) within buildings or areas of buildings.
View Contract
18-02PV-05TruView BSI, LLCEmployee Background Screening ServicesTruView Contact Tracing 1GPAView Contract
19-04PV-18Kagan Professional DevelopmentStaff DevelopmentKagan Professional Development now offers Live Online workshops for educators. These are Live virtual workshops, not pre-recorded.
Kagan Workshops
View Contract
19-04PV-40The Core CollaborativeStaff DevelopmentThe TCC Clarity for Virtual Teaching & Learning Framework leverages the research around teacher clarity, learner agency and evidence-based feedback to create a practical approach for remote teaching and learning. Our framework infuses a social and emotional learning component to ensure learners have the skills to build quality relationships with a mission of teaching our students how to practice self-care.
Clarity for virtual learning
Clarity for Virtual Teaching & Learning
View Contract
16-09PV-10LSW Engineers Arizona, Inc.Engineering ServicesCOVID-19 Information

View Contract
19-04PV-12Everybody Matters, Inc.Staff DevelopmentEverybody MattersView Contract
19-04PV-26New Leaders, Inc.Staff DevelopmentNew Leaders’ Virtual Leadership Academy

This online program equips school and system leaders with the skills they need to lead through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Principals, principal managers, and team leads develop a targeted plan for the 2020 school year and beyond.
Our online VLA content and tools support leaders in protecting the most vulnerable learners, planning for multiple contingencies, uniting their school community around equity – all while prioritizing the safety and well-being of staff, students, and families. Grounded in New Leaders’ Transformational Leadership Framework (TLF) 2020: Transforming Schools for a New Reality, the VLA supports leaders to create new solutions to unprecedented challenges.
The VLA offers to options for participation:

District and Charter Partners: Our cohort-based option for districts and charter management organizations allows cohorts of leaders to access our VLA online content and timely resources as well as collaborate in interactive problem-solving sessions and community forums.

Individual Leaders: Our self-paced VLA option is available to individual leaders across the country. The self-paced option provides flexibility for leaders to plan. It is offered at no cost.

A full overview of the VLA can be found here:
VLA Registration
View Contract
17-15P-02East Valley Disaster Services, Inc.JOC - Emergency Response and Tenant ImprovementsDisinfecting Services

EVDS technicians are experts at cleaning up things they can’t see…from mold spores and asbestos fibers, to the germs introduced into offices or homes caused by sewer backups! We can also assist 1GPA members in slowing the spread of Covid-19 by cleaning and applying disinfectant to surfaces that students and teachers come in contact with.

Creating Barriers

Our technicians are also experts at building critical barriers/containments for mold and asbestos abatement projects. These skills could easily be used to assist districts in establishing barriers to maintain personal space in the classroom.

We have the personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfectants and the proper insurance coverage to help you get your facilities ready for reopening. No matter what services you need…EVDS is taking additional measures to protect your employees and ours from spreading Covid-19. Please let me know if you need additional information.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service!

Additional Services
View Contract
18-04P-01Arizona Recreation Design, Inc.Playground SolutionsLittle Tikes Commercial Hand Sanitizer StationsView Contract
18-04P-03Exerplay, Inc.Playground SolutionsHand Sanitizer Station (New Product)
Playing Healthy
View Contract
18-06DP-23Lakeshore Learning MaterialsInstructional Materials & SuppliesEarly Childhood Resources to support programs:

Easy-Clean Learning Carts
Kindergarten Readiness
Cleaning & Storage Essentials
Social-Emotional Learning
Outdoor Learning

Corresponding Videos:

School Readiness
View Contract
19-04PV-10Empower Educational ConsultingStaff DevelopmentAs the learning environment is changing, so are we! Empower is continuing to design and implement professional development tailored to meet the unique needs of those we serve. As always, our prescriptive and results-oriented PD reflects our desire to make professional development meaningful and lasting for teachers. To do this, we follow up on professional development with virtual coaching to help teachers put into practice what they have learned. We have adjusted our practices to allow us to provide professional development in many areas, as well as continue to support teachers as they strive to be the best they can be.
Products and Services
View Contract‎‎
19-04PV-04Arizona Training Group, LLCStaff Development Arizona Training Group, LLC is able to provide all services virtually using WebEx, an interactive virtual platform. We have been providing Virtual Solutions to clients for over 10 years along side our face to face solutions.

If you need additional information, please feel free to reach out.
View Contract
19-04PV-33Scholastic IncStaff Development Online Guided Reading Professional Learning Course (self-paced)
Scholastic Online Guided Reading Course
Adapting Teaching Virtual Courses, including COVID-specific courses and virtual instruction sessions (includes confidential price list)
PLS Adapting Teaching BTS Scholastic with pricing
Yale Child Study Center Resources
Yale Child Study Center Scholastic Collaborative Resources Redux
Equity and Social Justice professional learning
Updated Professional Learning fo Equity and Social Justice
Grab and Go Take-Home Packs
Scholastic GrabGo Book Packs
My Books Everyday Program
My Books Every Day
My Books Summer Learning Program
Scholastic My Books Summer
School Readiness Kits
Scholastic School Readiness Kits
Literacy Pro digital program and Getting Started with Literacy Pro training (requires signed EULA and separate purchase of Literacy Pro)
Scholastic Digital Programs 5 Simple Steps NK
Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. digital program and Getting Started with F.I.R.S.T. training (requires signed EULA and separate purchase of Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.)
Scholastic Digital Products Terms and Agreements
View Contract‎ ‎
18-15PV-05CORE Construction, Inc.Job Order Contracting - General ContractorsCOVID Jobsite Entry Sign
COVID-19 Professional Services Provided
Project Site Addl Health Practices
View Contract
17-14PV-03ESS Southeast, LLCEmployee Staffing and LeasebackESS Virtual Substitute ProgramView Contract‎ ‎
19-01PV-01Global Equipment Company Inc.Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and ServicesGlobal Industrial regularly stocks and sells the following types of COVID items that we will make available to our valued 1GPA members:

-Masks, disposable and reusable
-Hand sanitizer and dispensers
-Sanitizing wipes
-Disinfectants and application devises
-Clear and solid partitions
-Face shields

In the current market, inventory levels and costs have been very fluid so we suggest contacting your Global representative to get a competitive quote based on current market conditions.
View Contract
18-15PV-12SDB, Inc.Job Order Contracting - General ContractorsCOVID-19 Support to Cooperative MembersView Contract
17-14PV-02Educational Services, Inc. (ESI)Employee Staffing and LeasebackESI is Arizona's leading provider of substitute and return-to-work staffing since 1999. As an Arizona based company and your local partner, we understand the overwhelming challenge of reopening schools in AZ’s unique environment. Please contact us if you would like help crafting a substitute solution. Even if you do not use our sub service, we would gratefully provide best practices gained from successfully serving 60+ district clients who utilize ESI’s substitutes. From targeted training to cutting-edge recruiting, we are committed to being a valuable resource to help our entire education community through these difficult times.View Contract‎ ‎
19-02PV-06Kay-Twelve LLCFurniture Products and ServicesWith the effects of COVID-19, school leaders are finding themselves in a difficult situation trying to implement the best solutions for their students and staff to stay safe. Our partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry allows us the opportunity to help you prepare for safe learning with access to discounts on portable hand washing stations, acrylic desktop shields, mobile dividers, easy-to-clean classroom furniture and more.View Contract‎ ‎
18-19PV-01Continental Flooring CompanyFlooringMessage Mats for Social Distancing and SafetyView Contract
18-15PV-13Skyline Builders & Restoration, Inc.Job Order Contracting - General ContractorsServices available to members affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • General construction

  • Painting services

  • Installation of barriers

  • Installation of hand washing and hand sanitizing stations

  • Cleaning and disinfecting services
View Contract
18-04P-06Miracle Playground SalesPlayground SolutionsMREC Equipment Cleaning InstructionsView Contract
19-12P-01 Midstate Energy LLC.- A Veregy CompanyJob Order Contracting
for Plumbing Services
We are leaders in helping schools creating Healthier Environments through HVAC, building controls, dashboards to analyze their existing buildings and utilizing technology that kills the pathogens in the air flow.View Contract
19-03DP-08Midstate Energy LLC.- A Veregy CompanyJOC- TexasWe are leaders in helping schools creating Healthier Environments through HVAC, building controls, dashboards to analyze their existing buildings and utilizing technology that kills the pathogens in the air flow.View Contract
18-16PV-03Midstate Energy LLC.- A Veregy CompanyJob Order Contracting for Mechanical ServicesWe are leaders in helping schools creating Healthier Environments through HVAC, building controls, dashboards to analyze their existing buildings and utilizing technology that kills the pathogens in the air flow.View Contract
17-12P-08Urban Energy Solutions, Inc. - A Veregy CompanyEnergy Performance ContractingWe are leaders in helping schools creating Healthier Environments through HVAC, building controls, dashboards to analyze their existing buildings and utilizing technology that kills the pathogens in the air flow.View Contract
17-12P-03Midstate Energy LLC.- A Veregy CompanyEnergy Performance ContractingWe are leaders in helping schools creating Healthier Environments through HVAC, building controls, dashboards to analyze their existing buildings and utilizing technology that kills the pathogens in the air flow.View Contract
17-13PV-05Urban Energy Solutions, Inc. - A Veregy CompanyElectrical and Lighting Products and ServicesWe are leaders in helping schools creating Healthier Environments through HVAC, building controls, dashboards to analyze their existing buildings and utilizing technology that kills the pathogens in the air flow.View Contract
19-17PV-05Hellas Construction, Inc.Turf, Tracks, Courts and Other SurfacesView Video

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18-16PV-06Sunstate Mechanical ServicesJob Order Contracting for Mechanical ServicesView Video
CleanAir EXP - How it Works - Sunstate
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The intent of this page is to simply offer a resource to our Members during these unprecedented times. As always, each Member is responsible for performing their contract due diligence as to ensure that the particular goods or services offered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic fall under the scope of the contract.